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Running your Earth Energies (Deborah Katz- You are Psychic)

Your physical body is in a state of health when your energy is flowing through it.  When the flow of energy has completely stopped, you will be dead. When the flow is sluggish, you will feel sluggish and your immune system will be compromised.  When energy is stuck or has ceased to flow in a specific area of the body, you will often experience numbness, pain, or disease in that location.

When energy is flowing through your body, it not only reflects a state of health, it also protects the body from invasion by forein energies and entities. 

Both your body and the earth consist of the same energy, called earth energy.  When you are outside in nature, you naturally run more earth energy than when you are inside a building made of synthetic materials.  Earth energy enters the body through the feet chakras.  It is a somewhat heavy or coarse energy, but can be adjusted to your own comfort level through visualization and intent. 

Running your Earth Energy

Find a comfortable chair to sit in.  Close you eyes and turn inward.  Destroy your current grounding cord and create a new one (see Grounding).  Let your attention drop down to your feet.  Imagine that you can see your little feet chakras spinning around.  Postulate that they are going to open up as wide as possible.  Repeat these steps several times and then postulate that you are opening your feet chakras up to 80 percent.

Now, visulaize a spot deep in the earth directly beneath you where the energy of the earth lies waiting for your call.  Find the cleanest spot, where there are no toxins or chemicals.  See a color for this earth energy and bring it up through the ground, through the grass or floor boards, and up into your feet chakras.  Let the energy circulate through your feet chakras cleaning them out.  Imagine that your feet chakras look like miniature washing machines where you can see into the circular doors.  The earth energy is washing out foreign, stuck energy from your feet chakras.

After a few moments, let the earth energy effortlessly rise up your legs, running through the bones, muscles, skin, and veins of your ankles, calves, and up to your knees, where they circulate through and cleanse your spinning chakras in the knees.  After a few moments the earth energy will rise up through every cell of your thighs, buttocks, and genitals until it reaches your first chakra located at the base of your spine or the opening of the cervix if your a female.  Let the powerful flow of earth energy circulate through your root chakra until that chakra is spinning and glowing brightly.  Then watch as gravity sucks 80 percent of the earth energy back down your grounding cord and into the center of the planet.  Take the other 20 percent of earth energy that is flowing freely through your first chakra and bring this up through your body.  As it rises, let it circulate through each of your major chakras as well as through your muscles, bones, and skin, until it rises up and out of your crown chakra, spilling out into your aura.  Let the earth energy fall to the bottom of your aura around your feet and rise up again until it reaches the top of your aura.

Continue to watch this evergy pattern for several minutes.  You can visualize your body as it is sitting there and watch the circulation process.  In addition to using your visualization, notice how the flow of energy feels throughout your body. 

If you are having trouble with theis technique, you may need to adjust the flow in terms of the strength or amount of energy coming in.  Also, avoid visualizing dark or muddy colors as earth energy.  Practicing this technique as a meditation exercise in itself for at least twenty minues a day for a week.  If possible, keep a journal and record your experiences related to the exercise.  Record any unusual occurrences that begin to happen in your body or in your life.  This will help you realize the benefits of running earth energy as opposed to the benefits of running cosmic energy.